New WPLL Logos Represent Strength, Courage

  -  May 26, 2020

WPLL players are, and do, many things.

We are Brave, chasing our dreams while pushing ourselves as far as we can go.

We Command respect, showing the world what elite lacrosse looks like.

We Fight for what we believe in, and for the teammates that stand beside us.

We play with Fire, always looking to inspire fans across the world.

And we take great Pride in our roles as leaders, knowing full well that we have an opportunity to impact the next generation.

To symbolize the strength that all WPLL players possess, this season we have rebranded our team logos. Each team is now associated with a logo that inspires strength, leadership, and courage.

During season 2 all WPLL players will take the field representing a logo that highlights hard-work and determination. Our goal is to provide our players and fans with relatable, recognizable logos that reflect just how strong female athletes are, while paying tribute to female leaders from our past. Today’s female athletes are the hero’s of tomorrow.

BRAVE: Wings
Wings represent hope, freedom, and the opportunity to start anew. They allow you to travel, to escape, and to swoop in and save others when need be. The Brave’s wings represent the strength it takes to navigate your own path, whether it be continuing your voyage or flying down a new path.

Flying high above the land, a flag represents power and unity. It can also represent the strong female leaders who hoisted the flag up after leading their forces to victory. The Command’s flag is a tribute to female generals and commanders who have led their people to victory.

FIGHT: Spear and Shield
When holding a spear and a shield a warrior is prepared to both attack and protect. When used together they are an unstoppable duo. The Fight’s spear and shield represent the delicate balance of offense and defense that is needed to find success in the game of lacrosse.
FIRE: Flames
Goddesses of fire span many cultures across time. They can represent the warmth and comfort of home, or great power and destruction. The Fire’s flames represent the power to spark, to light, and to inspire.

PRIDE: Crown
Shining bright, the crown represents what many are after—power. It can also represent the courageous women who have ruled with pride. The Pride’s crown represents not only the power that comes with royalty, but the responsibility to use your powers for good.

About the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League

Founded in 2017 by 4x All-American, and two-time World Champion Michele DeJuliis, the WPLL is a professional league made up of 125 of the top post-collegiate female lacrosse players in the world and a youth development league connecting with the top high school players in the country. For both our professional and our youth players, the WPLL prioritizes character development as a means to excel in life on and off the field. The WPLL uses lacrosse as a vehicle to provide girls with skills that allow them to not only become better athletes, but also grow into confident and brave women. Thanks to a partnership with ESPN, in 2019 fans can tune in to all regular season WPLL games on ESPN3 and the Championship on ESPNU. For more information, visit, and follow on social media:

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